Over the past few years I've been teaching myself to make chain and scale armour, and jewellery. Most of my work is in bright aluminum due to it's light weight and the ease with which it can be worked, but I also work in other metals like anodized aluminum (which can be coloured), brass, bronze, Nickel Silver, and stainless steel.

I make pieces as small as earrings, or as large as a suit of armour. Examples of my work can be seen at the links below.

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* Co-op Photoshoot with Tim McGill *

1/4", 16 Gauge Bright Aluminum Shirt with Brass Accents Worn by the Tall, Moustachioed Adventurer in the Tavern, in Standard Action Season 3

1/4" and 5/16", 16 gauge bright aluminum coifs worn by Scott and Andy of Two Bards Productions, in their Patreon pledge video. Two Bards Podcast Patreon from Two Bards Productions on Vimeo.