The 2004 Season Wrap-up

It was a crazy year!

It started with a great sponsorship from Carrera Leathers. I loved my old leathers, but they were…..well...old, worn, and in serious need of repairs. After having seen Corey “test” his Carrera suits a few times last season, I knew the quality of their gear and was looking forward to trying them out myself.

Well I was really looking forward to WEARING them, but not actually ‘testing’ their protection; but unfortunately I did both this season. The leathers worked perfectly. Unfortunately my old boots didn’t. In round 1, I crashed in qualifying and slid with the bike on top of my leg, which resulted in a dislocated and fractured ankle. I remounted, finished the race and rode back into the pits, but the pain was excruciating!!! With no time to let it heal properly, I carried an ankle injury with me for most of the season.

Still, I managed a third overall in the North American Can-Am 125 GP series, and an additional milestone; the RACE Pro 125GP Championship! Now I can look over at my desk, see my two plaques (2004 RACE Pro 125GP Champion and a lovely glass plaque stating I’m the first woman to ever win a Pro Championship with RACE), and remember the year fondly.

What does this all mean? This means that I can now relax and do what I had considered a couple of years ago. Having accomplished what I set out to do, and more, I’m retiring from active competition. Oh, I’ll still be around the track. I’ve spent too much time and have too many friends there to simply walk away, but now I can pick and choose the races I’ll run in. I’ve also decided to participate in some track days too, just for the fun of it. I guess that I have asphalt and race gas in my blood!

I’d like to thank all of my sponsors for making this past season a great one! A special thanks to Sean Girard at Carrera Canada for all of his support.

You just know that I’ll see you all this year!