Born and raised in Brampton, OntarioWelcome!

I went to Cardinal Leger Secondary School in Brampton Ontario. After that I completed a year at York University, majoring in Psychology and minoring is Sociology. That was not really where I wanted to be so after I completed the year, I applied to Sheridan College and was accepted into their Fashion Design Program.

I grew up with parents who felt that neither one of their children were going to be treated any differently than the other. If they were going to give us something, then we would both get it…they would be “fair” with us.. no favoritism. Well at a very tender age, my brother wanted a mini-bike. My father (keeping in mind that we were to be treated equally) purchased the bike for my brother, who was 12 at the time. I was only 10, but was to be fully included in this riding adventure. So at a rather young age, was forced (whether I liked it or not…fortunately for me, I liked it) to learn to ride a minibike. We picked up this brand spanking new 1984 Yamaha MX-80 and set off on finding open fields to learn how to ride it.

This minibike stayed with us for some time (in fact we only sold it two years ago), however the novelty wore off after a few years. My brother had a friend stay with us for a summer, and he had a motorcycle. He went on to purchase a new one and so my father bought his old one for my brother to learn and ride on the street with. He used to motorcycle to get his licence, then went on to buy something bigger and better. Well now, here sits a perfectly good 1972 Honda CB 350 in the backyard with no one to ride it. My father pushed and pushed for me to ride it. I had to tell him, “Dad, I don’t have a license”. That didn’t matter……”Ride it anyway” he said. Who in their right minds would tell their children to do that??? Um, well Mine, I guess!

I guess in the summer of 1989 I went to the ministry (after reading my brothers motorcycle driving books) and obtained what was then Childhoodcalled a 60-day permit (graduated licensing was not in effect at that time). I learned how to ride (although you never really forget…it’s like riding a bike), the rather large (and heavy) Honda. I rode all summer…then my permit expired….the next year I did the same thing….I just went for my permit and rode. The next year is when things changed!

I met a lot of people riding (either on my own or through my brother…who had graduated to a GS 1100 himself). The following year I had decided to go out and purchase my own bike and actually take the course to get my license. I spoke to my dad about this (and he was very supportive) and so we went to the dealership where years before he had purchased the Yamaha MX-80. The salesman, who was the owner of the dealership actually remembered us….wow. It had to be 6 or 7 years later! I was impressed. Anyway I looked at this beautiful 1989 Ninja 250! What a beauty! I was convinced that was the bike for me. My dad on the other hand thought the YSR’s were the way to go. After much discussion, he realized that I had my heart set on it….I made my first ever vehicle purchase.

Over the years that followed I met many more people who rode and was convinced that I rode fairly well. I was then persuaded to attend a track day at Shannonville motorsports park. That was a lot of fun…even though I rode off the track plenty and even fell down a couple of times (very minor falls in the dirt, while off-roading). Over the next couple of years I did a few of these and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I was asked to go with a few of my street riding friends to Loudon to watch some racing. No problem…this was to be my first ever bike trip. I planned for it, we had meetings about the route and we set off on our way. It was very enjoyable trip…and I pushed my bike to its limit. I really had to in order to keep up with the other 600’s, 900’s and 1000’s that were with us. I had one of the fellows in our group convinced that I was on a 600 rather than a 250. I had no problems keeping up. I had seat time on my bike and knew what it could do…..this was just the beginning.

In Loudon, I had one of the others that rode with us (who owned a bike shop) ask me if I had ever considered racing. I clearly remember my response to him. I told him that I had not considered it as YSR50then it would become work and it if it was work then I would no longer enjoy it. Well, was I wrong. He offered to sponsor me to take the FAST racing school which I did in 1996 and ended up receiving the Top rider award (not for my speed, as there were some really fast guys in the class, but rather for the degree at which I improved). I was happy with that…and my parents were there to watch it all! Very funny since my dad thought the 250 was too big for me and here I was on a Yamaha YZF 600. What a day to remember!

Two weeks later I found myself signing up for my first race. I was hooked!!! My boyfriend at the time had a YSR and he persuaded me to race it. I did. Although we had mechanicals all year, I really enjoyed the thrill of racing…I found myself to be highly competitive. It was a real rush! My first year racing YSR’s I finished 6th in my class…so I decided to do it right the next year….I had the little machine torn apart to the frame and built back up….it was going to be a fast machine… The next year (before the season ever started) I set some1994 RS125 goals for myself…..if I didn’t finish in the top 5 then I was going to quit. The practical side of me told me that it was an expensive sport and if I wasn't competitive, then what was the point. I also told myself that if I finished top 3 or better I was going to change classes and purchase a GP bike….that year I won the Championship by a whopping 73 points. On the off-season I bought my GP bike.

1998 was my first year with my 1994 Honda RS 125. A very different kind of machine….

Then in 2000 I purchased my 1999 Honda RS 125…and that is the bike that I have today..

Can-Am 125GP I love the thrill of the competition, I like the camaraderie at the track, the friendships that you create. All of it. But mostly I love to race!

I am still going to be racing my 125. There is now a Can-Am class for this bike and it is highly competitive. It brings the top Canadian AND American racers together and we race both in Canada and in the USA. This year I managed to finish 6th in this class, while still managing a 2nd overall in my own club series (RACE). This is my first year as a Pro so I was quite happy with those results. Let's see what next season brings!